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How to Remove Polyester Stains

Polyester is durable, strong and long-lasting, however that doesn’t mean it’s completely impervious to stains. If you have a stain on your favourite shirt, make sure you know how to get it out quickly and efficiently.

Different Types of Stains on Polyester

Due to its synthetic nature, polyester is extremely easy to clean and resists absorbing most stains. In fact, sweat and armpit stains, blood stains, deodorant stains and most water-based stains (juices, wine) are easily repelled by the synthetic fibers. In addition, it’s resistant to most chemicals and even mildew.

Stains that it does have trouble with are those caused by grease and oil. Oil tends to cling to the fibers of polyester, making removal difficult.

Removing Stains From Polyester: Step by Step

To remove stains from polyester:

  1. Choose a proper Cold Power detergent and Sard Wonder stain remover suitable for the fabric and colour
  2. Brush or scrape away any excess solids
  3. Blot liquids with a clean cloth, removing as much as possible
  4. Flush with water
  5. Pre-treat the stained area
  6. Wash at the highest temperature possible according to the care label
  7. Check the stain after washing

Choose a Detergent and Stain Remover

Choose Cold Power Liquid or Powder

The fabric and colour quality will determine what detergent you use. In almost all cases polyester fabrics are colourfast and then Cold Power is the most convenient detergent to get rid of any kind of stains. But please check the care label of your garment first.

For more delicate coloured or white polyester clothing, use a sensitive detergent. On colourfast fabrics, Sard Wonder stain removers can be used to help remove bleachable stains. For grease and oil stains, Sard Wonder Degreaser Spray is the most suitable product.


Brush or scrape away any excess dirt

Pre-treatment depends on what type of stain you’re dealing with. For most general stains, remove as much excess solid material as possible with a spoon, then blot liquid up with a clean, white cloth until the cloth comes out clean.

For greasy and oily stains, remove excess oil with a spoon, then apply Sard Wonder Degreaser Spray. For bleachable stains like tea, red wine, coffee, fruits or vegetables Sard Wonder Super Power Spray or Powder are proper pre-treatment products.

Apply the selected Sard Wonder stain remover product, letting it sit for a few minutes and soak into the polyester fibers, then wash it as usual.

Wash and Rinse

Check the garment label and use the highest water temperature that is safe for the fabric. Use the ‘heavily soiled’ dosage of detergent as indicated on the detergent’s label.

Check the Stain

Check the stain after washing

Before drying, always check to see if the stain is gone. Repeat the above steps before subjecting the material to the dryer heat, which can set the stain.

Special Difficulties Removing Stains From Different Blends of Polyester

While polyester shirts, blouses, dresses and jackets may be durable and machine washable, that doesn’t mean you should automatically assume that removing a stain from every polyester clothing item involves the same steps. Polyester is sometimes blended with other types of fabrics like silk, wool and rayon. This changes the structure of the polyester. While it makes these other delicate fabrics a tad more durable, it also means that polyester blend clothing may not be as resistant to stains. In addition, the combination with delicate fabrics may require more delicate care, like handwashing with a sensitive detergent.

Removing Dried Stains From Polyester

Dried stains on polyester don’t have to be permanent. If you need to get a stain out of a polyester dress that has dried, soaking in a mixture of warm water and detergent will typically loosen and revive the stain so that pre-treatment steps can be taken.

Stains on polyester removed easily!

Have a favourite polyester shirt or jacket you want to keep looking great? Use these instructions to keep stains off your polyester clothing.