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Easy Chocolate Stain Removal

Most of us like to enjoy a chocolate treat every once in a while and they’re often the favourite goody for our kids chocolate can create a mess and can easily stain your clothes. If you have a stain to take care of, here are some tips to help you take care of it.

Types of Chocolate Stains

Chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate sauce, chocolate cake- the list of possible chocolate treats can go on and on. While you may do your best to avoid a stain, when they happen it’s important to know how to take care of them. Luckily, getting rid of the unsightly brown stains is simple.

Remove Chocolate Stains: Step by Step

  1. Remove as much excess chocolate as possible
  2. Turn the clothing inside out and flush the back of the stain with water
  3. Choose from the range of Cold power Liquid and Powder detergents
  4. Pre-treat the stain by applying Sard Wonder Powder or Spray
  5. Wash in the hottest water possible according to the garment label
  6. Check the stain to see if it’s gone

Act Quickly

The first thing you need to do for effective chocolate stain removal is to remove as much excess chocolate on the garment as possible. Then, turn the clothing inside out so you see the back of the stain. Flush it with cold running water or soda water.

Choose a Detergent

Opt for a detergent and stain remover that works best for the type and colour of fabric.

Whilst you can use Cold power on most fabrics, you may choose to use a sensitive detergent on delicate fabrics.

Cold power Powder work most efficiently on stubborn and dried chocolate stains, but please be aware about the care label instructions.

Pre-Treat the Area

Check the washability of the fabric, then apply a small amount of Cold power Liquid detergent to the stain. Rub it in thoroughly until it saturates the fabric. Soak the garment for at least 15 minutes, rubbing the stain occasionally.

Wash and Rinse

Check the garment label on the clothing to determine the highest washing temperature allowed for the clothing. Wash by using your selected Cold power detergent with the dosage recommendation for heavily soiled loads.

Check for the Chocolate Stain After Washing

Always check the stain after washing to see if it is completely gone. If not, repeat the above steps and if necessary increase the dosage amount of your selected Cold power detergent and prolong the soaking time.

How to Get Chocolate Stains Out of Special Laundry Types and Fabrics

Most of these steps will work well for removing chocolate stains on clothes like shirts, pants and socks. If your garment is not machine washable, like rayon, wool, silk or acetate, use a sensitive detergent and hand wash the clothing or homeware to get rid of the stain.

Getting Chocolate Stains Out of White Clothes

Need to get a chocolate stain out of white shirt or pair of pants? This type of brown stain can quickly become permanent if you aren’t careful. One of the best ways to take care of it is to revert the chocolate to a solid state. To do this, place the garment in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer. Once the stain is frozen, use a spoon or blunt knife to scrape the chocolate off the clothes.

After you do this, follow the steps above to flush, pre-treat and wash the clothing and get rid of the stain.

Special Conditions of Chocolate Stains

So, what do you do when the stain is old or dried? Dried chocolate stain removal isn’t as hard as you might think. The secret is pre-soaking in lukewarm water. Let the stain soak overnight in your detergent of choice, then wash it the following day.

Chocolate happens and stains do too. Don’t let a moment of bliss ruin your favourite clothing. Use these simple steps to get rid of chocolate stains!