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Discover the history of Cold Power

The trusted cold water specialist 

Cold Power in the 1970s

Launched in 1971 as the first cold water specialist, Cold Power entered the market with the first laundry powder to deliver bright and white results, even in cold water!

For the first time, Cold Power illustrated that washing in cold water was the smart, modern way to protect fabrics from fading and damage.
Cold Power in the 1980s

The first Cold Power liquid launched in 1986, providing the same bright and white results in cold water, but now also without leaving any residues.

Cold Power in the 2000s

Cold Power entered the new millennium with a fresh and modern new look, bringing to life the power of cold water washing with the visualisation of the ocean waves.

In addition, in 2010 Cold Power Sensitive was launched for consumers with sensitive skin types.

Cold Power today

Cold Power continues to refresh and improve its portfolio of laundry products. 

In 2016, both the liquid and powder detergents were relaunched with new formulas that are now suitable for use in both front and top loader washing machines. In addition, all products are now phosphate free.

Also in 2016, Cold Power Sensitive was relaunched with soothing almond milk fragrance.

Cold Power of the future

A great milestone was achieved in late 2016, when Cold Power launched the state of the art Dual Caps with dual chamber technology, making the laundry even more convenient.

Cold Power Dual Caps bring together two advanced gel formulas specially developed to blend together in the wash to unleash their combined power for an outstanding cold water clean.