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How to Remove Pet Stains

You love how adorable your little kitten is and the playfulness of your puppy. However, when they make a mess all over your clothes and other fabrics through your home, you’re less than enthused. Learn how to deal with those messes quickly and get rid of pet stains now.

Removing Pet Stains: Step by Step

  1. Pick a Cold Power Liquid or Powder detergent that is suitable for your clothing
  2. Remove as much solid material as you can
  3. Blot up liquid
  4. Pre-treat with Cold Power Liquid detergent
  5. Wash at the highest temperature possible that is safe for the fabric
  6. Verify that the stain is gone

Pick a Detergent

The type of detergent you use will often depend on the colour of the fabric and the type of fabric. Cold Power should be safe to use with most laundry items, though always check the garment care label. In the event of delicate fabric, we recommend Cold Power Sensitive detergent.

Pre-Treat the Pet Stain

If there are any solid or semi-solid materials, scrape them off with a plastic spoon. Blot up any liquid as well with a clean cloth. Apply your Cold Power Liquid detergent to the area, massaging it in gently. Let the clothing sit for a couple of minutes, then rinse with cool water and blot dry with a sponge.

Wash and Rinse

Using the heavily soiled dosage of your Cold Power detergent, wash the clothing at the highest water temperature safe for the material. You can find this information on the garment label.

Check the Pet Stain

Don’t put the clothing in the dryer until you verify that the stain is completely gone, as this can set the stain. If it isn’t, pre-treat and wash the stain again.

How to Get Pet Stains Out of Special Laundry Types and Fabrics

If the pet stain is on your upholstery or carpet, pre-treat it as normal, but rinse and then blot dry with a clean towel. You may need to repeat this more than once for the stain to come out completely.

To remove pet stains from delicate fabrics, like silk and wool, hand washing with Cold Power Sensitive is the best option. This will get rid of the stain without hurting the fine fabric.

Special Conditions of Pet Stains

Are your spot treating methods not working on an old urine stain or stubborn pet stain? Try mixing together your detergent and water and letting the clothing soak for at least a couple of hours. This should get rid of light stains. You may need to soak longer to remove dark stains.

Special Detergent for Pet Stains

You may be tempted to use natural and homemade pet stain removers. However, depending on which ones you use, you could change the colour of your clothing permanently or damage the interior of your washing machine.

Removing Pet Stains From Red and Black Clothing

Spotting stains on darker clothes can be difficult, especially if you were around when the offense occurred. To identify where a pet stain is, even on dark brown, black and red clothes, you can use your nose. If you’d rather not, and you’re dealing with cat urine, you can use a black light. Cat urine lights up under this type of light and lets you see where you need to treat the stain.

You love your pets, but you don’t have to live with pet stains. Use these tips to get rid of them!