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How to Get Mechanical Grease and Oil Stains Out

The best thing you can do for your car is give plenty of lubrication with motor oil and grease. However, when that grease gets on your clothes, the result is bad. The resulting stains are hard to get rid of, but not impossible.

Types of Mechanic Grease and Oil Stains

There are many different kinds of grease and oil stains, including:

  • Car grease
  • Motor oil
  • Axle grease
  • Car oil
  • Mechanical grease
  • Automotive grease
  • Industrial grease

Remove Grease and Oil Stains: Step by Step

Need to remove a motor oil stain from your shirt or a grease stain from your trousers?

  1. Choose a Cold Power detergent and stain remover
  2. Remove as much oil as you can
  3. Pre-treat the stain by applying Cold Power detergent directly onto it
  4. Wash and rinse
  5. Verify that the stain is gone
  6. If not repeat step 1 to 3 and additionally soak your clothing in a mixture of your detergent and warm water

Choose Your Detergent

Getting rid of motor oil on your clothing requires the right detergent. For most fabric and laundry types, you can safely use Cold Power detergent. If the fabric is delicate, use a sensitive detergent instead.


Scrape as much of the oil off your clothes as possible, using a blunt knife or a plastic spoon. Take special care not to rub the stain in further than it already is.


Wash the clothing at the highest temperature safe for the fabric (refer to the care label) using the “heavily soiled” dosage on the Cold Power container.

Check the Stain

After washing, look to see if the stain is still present. If it isn’t, you can dry it. If it is, however, you’ll need to pre-treat and wash again. Between pre-treatment and washing soaking is advisable. For doing so prepare a mixture of Cold Power detergent and warm water. Let the clothing soak for a couple of hours, then wash it again as usual.

Get Mechanical Grease and Oil Stains Out of Special Laundry Types and Fabrics

While getting rid of mechanical grease stains on most clothing items will require the above steps, sensitive fabrics may require more care. If you’re trying to remove a stain on a material like silk, wool or satin, use a sensitive detergent for hand or machine washing.

Don’t let mechanic grease stains or motor oil stains change the look of your clothing. Instead, use these tips to get rid of the stains fast.